Atletico demand €8m for Joao Felix on loan from Barcelona.

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Atletico Madrid’s Portuguese attacker Joao Felix has the chance to join Barcelona on loan before the deadline. Gerard Romero, correspondent for ‘Diario Sport’ reported on Thursday that. Atletico Madrid has asked for a loan fee of 8 million euros for Joao Felix from Barcelona by the team. The Azulgrana will also be responsible for paying all of the player’s wages. 

Barcelona are taking urgent steps to sign Joao Felix from Atletico Madrid and Joao Cancelo from Manchester City before the transfer window closes this summer. With reports that all 3 parties are Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and the Portuguese offensive line is nearing completion. If the Azul Grana army complies with the conditions that the Atletico team wants UFABET

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has hinted that the 23-year-old’s transfer will be finalized soon. ‘Soon you’ll know what will happen with Joao Felix. He already said he wants to go to Barcelona’

As for Azul Grana president Joan Laporta and club treasurer Ferran Olibe have given personal guarantees worth €20.2m. As a result of late payments by the Libero Football Fund. Before La Liga reportedly did. Verify the documents and approve such guarantees for the Azulgrana team in advance to sign the player and register thereafter.