‘Conte’ says Bissouma needs time to adjust to tactics

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has said Ives Bissouma still needs time to adapt after a tactical issue with the team.

The Mali star moved from Spurs to Brighton for £25million last summer. But having only made one start from eight games

, Conte insists he is happy with the 26-year-old signing, but says Bissouma needs to focus more on defensive play. The UFABET report

“The only player who is still a little tactically stuck is Bissouma, but has improved a lot in every way as well,” Conte said.

he will be one of the players I can trust for sure. But I try to make the best decisions for the players because I want to protect them.”

The only time Bissouma started in this game was the match. “Tottenham Hotspur” draw with West Ham United. Where he played the full 90 minutes. From before that he played just 31 games out of five

. The kick that matches the football in your mind. There are players who adapt quickly like Richarlison, Lenglet, Perisic and other players need a little more time

. when in possession of the ball and not in possession of the ball It’s not easy Some positions. I asked him to show in certain moments. Midfielders have to be at the heart of every moment of the game

. But we’re talking about a player with great skill, great running.”

“He plays with the ball very well, defensively he needs to concentrate more. You have to focus more especially as we only use two midfield players so you have to do well both in possession and off the ball. I’m very happy with the signing of him.

Dependable and important Hoyberg, who for me has made a lot of progress and now he’s a very strong player, Bentancur too, let’s not forget the young Skippy.