Man City plans to expand Etihad stadium, capacity to 60,000 seats

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Manchester City are planning to expand the Etihad Stadium to increase the capacity to 60,000, according to The UFABET 

. 5000 seats to become one of the biggest stadiums in the league And to provide the stadium’s capacity enough to host future Champions League finals

, the Etihad Stadium now has a capacity of more than 55,000 spectators. But the club has been authorized to expand the stadium since the time they were held. He added the southern stands in 2015 and they are now focusing on expanding the stadium.

Expanding the stadium is expected to cost a lot of money. In particular, they intended to build a hotel in the vicinity of the stadium.

There is no specific timeline. For when the additional capacity expansion will be completed. As they are building an arena near the stadium City. Want the project to be completed first, which is expected to be December 2023.

Even at this time, the Blues are one of England’s top teams, but the The capacity of the Etihad Stadium is still smaller than stadiums such as Anfield and Old Trafford, with Liverpool trying to expand the stadium to a capacity of 60,000

. Performing music near the stadium including building a hotel as they intended Will make this stadium more than a football field

Tottenham Hotspur try to make their home like that. With the introduction of American football games every season, West Ham’s London Stadium also hosts Major League Baseball and concerts.

Even Manchester City are often teased about the number of empty seats in the stadium. But their yearly bookings have risen to 36,500 this season. And it is expected that 99% of the total capacity will be attended by fans for the entire season after the team’s continued success.