Toni Kroos slams players for choosing to go to Saudi Arabia for money.

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Toni Kroos has criticized players who made an untimely move to Saudi Arabia for purely profit. Real Madrid’s German midfielder Toni Kroos has continued to use his podcast to criticize players who decide to move to Saudi Arabia to football play for a big salary. According to ‘Diario As’ last Thursday. 

Kroos also criticized players for choosing to continue their careers in Saudi Arabia from last week. The German midfielder has expressed his feelings of 21-year-old Gabriel Bejka’s decision to leave Celta Vigo for Al-Ahli as a shame. 

‘It is said that football there is ambitious. But it’s all about the money. In the end, it’s a decision for money and against football.’ Kroos said of the Saudi league’s move to lure players from Europe this summer. 

Kroos also spoke about throwing huge amounts of money without control. Before giving an example, former team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo, who moved to sign with Al Nasser. Became the starting point for the migration of famous stars from Europe UFABET

‘That’s when it started getting difficult for the football we all know and love. Everyone has to make their own decisions, just like Cristiano Ronaldo made at the end of his career. But it becomes very difficult when players are mid-career and have the quality to play for the best clubs in Europe. decide to make those changes’